Promoting Literacy with Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels
Presenter: Barbara Greenstone, MLTI
Many students prefer to give and receive information through images and others prefer text but to be truly literate in the 21st century, students must be fluent in both. Learn how to promote literacy and help students build bridges between images and text using cartoons, comics and graphic novels. Practice using Comic Life and iPhoto to create comics with your photos or with images gathered from the internet.

*If you are looking for the lesson on analyzing political cartoons entitled “It’s No Laughing Matter: Analyzing Political Cartoons”s on the Library of Congress the new URL is:

*If you want students to annotate a political cartoon, or if you want to annotate a political cartoon, using google docs, go to google docs. Create a new document, choose the "Drawing". You have to save the political cartoon to your desktop and then insert the image into the new document. Then you can use the autoshapes function at the top of the screen to create thought bubbles, ect. Insert text boxes into the bubbles.

Here are my delicious links for graphic novels:
--Heather Perkinson

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