Compose Yourself
Presenter: Steve Garton, MLTI
Music copyright in the educational realm has become a very confusing arena for teachers, students, and administrators. One easy solution is to create your own music using the tools built into the MLTI devices. Non musicians and experienced players of all levels can easily produce background tracks that can be used in podcasts, videos, or any other multimedia presentation.
This hands on workshop will focus on using GarageBand and other built in functions to produce all original music. Bring your MLTI laptop or other device with Garageband installed. (Headphones would be helpful to you and your neighbor.) We will start with simple loops and evolve very quickly into the more individualistic aspects of music creation including MIDI integration and live instruments. Musicians of any level are encouraged to attend with the opportunity to enhance your creation skills. No extra equipment is needed for this workshop but if you are a player bring your instrument and we will incorporate it into the session.
Whatever your music level, you will leave with new tools for music creation. You will never have to worry about “fair use” for music again. You will leave with your song in your heart (and on your flash drive).


US Interface- Can do two at a time or run it into a mixer, plug in anything you want and record it all at the same time

USB MIDI devices @$20, connect keyboard