Integrating Online Vocabulary-building Resources into World Languages Curricula
Presenter: Dr. Peter Nutting, Skowhegan Area High School
StudyStack™ is an elegantly simple yet powerful free online resource for making flash cards and creating word games. This session will explore various ways that StudyStack™ and other online language-building resources can be used to promote better learning and teaching of World Languages through accelerated acquisition of vocabulary.

The session will consist of three parts: 1) an introduction to Study Stack, Digital Dialects,, and online dictionaries, and how they can be used in the World Language classroom; 2) hands-on development by participants of their own study stacks in either a Western or non-Western language, and 3) presentation of participants' study stacks and other vocabulary-building games and activities. Use of study stacks as a teaching and learning tool will be demonstrated with music videos in French and German. By focusing on what students need to know, study stacks promote backward lesson design and curriculum planning. Participants from all content areas are welcome to attend.

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Handout from the presenter

NY Times article on learning language on the web

Another electronic flashcard URL:

VoiceThread is another great resource for teachers. Check out this slide presentation with audio--"Ma maison":
Ma maison

Here is a Spanish numbers quiz in Study Stacks: Spanish Quiz

As a participant, I tried creating a game for Chinese names of farm animals. A little wonky, but try it out! Chinese animal games