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Harold Shaw Reflections on Keynote

One life or Two? Are we ready to get to the point where we can let our children live one life instead of two?

Literacy consuming and producing media.

Original baseline literacy is words new baseline media is the Collage
the problem is that we test for words and hope and pray kids know how to do "this" (Collage)
Which medium do we use to teach?

Why literacy changes?
-read to write time shrinking
-pervasive, cheap tools
-free, global stages

tEcosystem-the secondary ecosystem that consists of all the wires and communications

Web 1.0 1990-2000
Web 2.0 2000-
Web 2.1 now added all the media we take for granted Read, Write and Think
Web 3.0 Read Write Paint and Think

Semantic Web-when doing a search you get a report instead of a list. Everything is connected. All the text on the screen is identified as being something.

10 digital literacty actional guildelines

1. Shift from text-centrism to new medial collage
2. Value writing more than ever (the good projects have a good, solid written basis) Move through the process and produce something more refined. More research based. "The good old fashioned writing people want, yet something different"
forms, grammar...visually differentiates text (VDT) Essay Form vs VDT Form (bulleted, synthesized) Surrounded by white space.
3. Adopt art as the 4th, next R (being able to use art to express themselves. Using art as a means to communicate.
Why are next R
-Multimedia collage is WWW Esperanto
-Assistive tech for the aesthetically challenges
-Real work, real pay
-ISTE on board
-Copyright is real (have the kids do eerything themselves then copyright isn't an issue)

4. Follow the DAOW
Digital Art Oral Written

5. Attitude is the aptitude

The illiterate of the 21st century is the one who will not learn...

6. Practice private and social literacy

Character Education for Digital kids-if we are going to have some form of character education then lets go ahead and do it. The ideal school board has a community meeting and says "how do we do that" let the students come up with a code of conduct Needs to go from being invisible to inquiry. We dn't see it so we no longer question is

Students will study the persona social and environmental impacts of every technology and media application they use in school.
Everything connects and DIS CONNECTS..ask how does technology connect me and disconnect me?
Looking at technology and come up with new ways of thinking about it.

7. Develop literacy about digital tools

8. Develop literacy about info
9. Fluency, not just literacy
10. Harness both report and story...embrace story! Story as a highly efficient storage container.
Teaching as Storytelling Our kids come to school well versed in the digital storytelling. They come to school and the information container they get, the metaphor they get is the LIST.
When they are bored they are saying "where's the story" they are used to information being presented to them in a way that makes them lean forward in their chairs and ask "what is happening next?"

Types of Digital Storytelling:
Digital med media-original art and green screen
Voice overs

Stop---work with what you have...does not have to be expensive. It i all about the story. It really isn't about the gear.
For some reason teachers feel that media needs to be perfect...
Rule 80/20---1st 20% of your time is spent completing the 80% of the project. The last 80% of the time is spent on the last 20% (Tweeking!!) Let it go. It does not need to be pefect.

Teachers R important- Stand back and let the kids do the work. Be there to fix or help but not micromanage. Be able to provide good, appropriate feedback

*Leave the clicks, trickts to the kids with time
*Deputize: guide on side not technician magician
*Set standards
*Provide meandingful assessment, feedback
*Open doors
*Create learning communities

assessment... the "A for anything that moves" syndrome--teachers who walk up and give an A because they don't understand what is going on. WRONG> if it isn't good, it isn't good. You set the standards and hold them to it.
Make sure they express themselves clearly.
Capture everything on their way to the completed project. Don't just evaluate what is moving on the screen, evaluate ALL OF IT.

F12, F12, F12 :)
Stories lodge because the information is so densly compacted
Story core
Problem (tension)---Solutions (resolution)---Transformation (growth)
Transformation Inquiry Learning

1. Sotry idea flows to Story Board- Allows story to flow right

Use a Story Map.
VPS Basic


What do teachers want from administration---Want your support when we take risks, when we want to do something!!
Extra time
Support risk, pilots!!!

Techies/Teachies--When adminitrators get the "no" from techies---They work for you..When they tell you now, say THAT is not acceptable!!

Techie/teachie advice
*include techies at curriculum meetings
*Get up from the bench and go spend time in a remind them who the client is
*support academics, mission and vision-"I want to be at the vision table"
*Teachers-Be kind to your techies!!
*AIM !! Turn concerns into goals!! A concern is a negatively stated goal.

Aggressive Drive High Crash Area--Cautions???

Digital Makeup--video conferencing
-JAM, shaving filters
-feigned attention, canned laughter