Managing Your Classroom for Greater Productivity
Presenter: Barbara Greenstone, MLTI
How can you help students get the most out of their time in your 1-to-1 computing classroom? We will explore ways to help students stay on task and avoid distractions, to organize and keep track of their work, and to manage their time and meet deadlines.

A good digital citizen is a creative, innovative, and productive worker, but sometimes digital distractions hinder productivity. In this session we will discuss the challenges we encounter in our 1-to-1 computing classrooms and share ideas and strategies for classroom management. We will explore room arrangements, techniques for getting students' attention and helping them stay focused, and tools for managing time, tasks, and products. Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences as we discuss what works in an MLTI classroom.

From M LaForge, Freeport High School, Math teacher, RSU5: On the topic of "Getting their attention", you can also use Wolfram Alpha and this website's activities (look at Visual Gallery of Examples on the page:, as a prompt for writing and talking and computing. This website works like a regular search engine but math-y. If you type in 34 divided by 2, it will assume you want to divide 34 by 2, it won't search for text, it will assume numerical meaning.

Also, this is the site that I was talking with someone about: You can ask a question and have the kids use their cell phones to vote on the answer and answers, by percentage are displayed for the class to see (if you have a projector). This can be helpful to ask an introductory question to the day, it is exciting, AND has the advantage that you can actually SEE the cellphones and can then manage getting them put away better.

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