New Media Narrative in the Classroom – From tools to assessment to social media


Presenter: Dr. Jason Ohler

Following from the keynote, Jason demonstrates practical tools and processes for implementing new media narrative projects in classroom activities in exciting, creative ways. He addresses a number of topics, including media assessment, media grammar and the role of research-based digital stories and media development in the curriculum. This presentation features examples of student and teacher media production, and offers practical and conceptual ways for students to participate in the world of Web 2.0 using new media narrative they create for school projects. This presentation is based on Jason’s book, Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity (Corwin Press).

Education & Technology: Art, Storytelling, Education, and Technology

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"Media is a commitment to perspective."

Wisdom List
Storymapping Handouts
Storytelling Rubric
Seeing Technology Effects
Green Screen Storytelling
Stories of Culture and Place
Blog Reflection at Resource Room 220 (Harold Shaw)

Showing 5 pieces of media

Walk-through presentation: "Story Crash Course"

Reflected, well-articulated projects

Difference in lighting can create issues with green screen.

Get good lavalier microphone . . . .

Power of Music - over-use of music

"Music trumps everything . . . "

Story Idea ----> Storyboard, Outline. Jason doesn't care for storyboards . . . Hmmmmm. . .

Instead uses Story Maps . . . .

Transformation . . . old you. . . new you. . .

8 levels of transformation

Dillingham: Story Maps

Start anywhere . . .Arc, basic . . . . .problem . . .solution . . .

.Beginning ---> Transformation? ----------> End

Aristotle simplified

McKee - The Quest

How and Why Dramatica is Different from Six Other Story Paradigms

Simple Rubric . . .

  • story - story core?
  • Media use - alignment?
  • research - well done?
  • Narrative production - bumpless?
  • writing - meets your standards?
  • planning - process followed?
  • voice/creativity- present?

Story creation process

1. Plan: map, peer pitch, finalize, (storyboard?)

2. Create: "2 column" story table

3. Write: 2-3 page narrative "in column 1"

4. Describe media: In "column 2" describe what we see, hear

5. Speak/record: record/listen/rewrite

6. Get media: collect citations as you go

7. Create/reserve: title page

8. Add: picures, video

9. Add: citations

if time:

9. Add: music

10. Add: transitions, effects

11. Export: final piece (Quicktime, WMV, ?)

12. Perform: for public, post . . . where?

Ken Adam's Story Spine