Picture this... a field trip
Presenter: David Patterson, DOE
Making original and compelling photographs that enhance and illustrate meaning can be a powerful and creative way to engage students in telling stories. During this session we will prepare, shoot, and tell the story of our own exciting adventure that we will plan for outside of the classroom. We will make decisions about how to best capture images that support the meaning of our story, we will step outside of the classroom to apply our photographic skills toward capturing the true essence of our story, and we will then come together again to explore ways to digitally pull everything together as an interesting narrative. As we move through this process together, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating both original and existing images into digital storytelling, and also how to leverage the array of content that is available for use under the umbrella of Creative Commons licensing. This session is designed to build upon the “Shoot Yourself!” session, though anyone can jump in at this point to enjoy the wonderful world of storytelling with a camera.

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