The Recording Studio in Your MacBook

Presenter: Rick Barter, Mt. Desert Island Regional School System
Creating your own digital audio content not only helps to avoid copyright infringement problems, but it's a creative and learning experience that adds a rich dimension to projects. This session is for those with some prior experience with GarageBand.

With your MacBook, you can create multi-track recordings where you can overdub instruments and voice to create skits, "radio plays," or even sing your own multi-part harmonies. In GarageBand, you have a fairly sophisticated "recording studio" that can be used in the classroom for a variety of spoken word projects, or to even create that song that might make you the next recording star! We will look at and listen to examples, and do lots of hands-on exploring. Focus will be on recording and editing digital audio. Bring MacBook, headphones and USB mic if you have one. Prior GB experience is good.
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Link from Rick Barter for attendees of this session