Shoot Yourself!
Presenter: David Patterson, DOE
When looking for images to use in a presentation, a digital story, or a web publication, where do you normally go? You can always use Google or Flickr to search for photographs made by others, and if you want to do the right thing you can even search for images stamped and shared with a Creative Commons License. But what if everyone did that? What if we all put away our cameras and just used everyone else’s photographs? It’s time to massage those creative juices, ditch the web search, and be confident in making your own stunning photographs - for yourself, and for classroom publishing projects. We will explore how understanding and embracing some of the technical aspects of using your camera can allow the inner artist in you to flourish. Imagine kicking your camera off the “auto” button and enjoying the freedom and creativity to make compositional choices about shutter speeds, f-stops, and what to include within the frame, so you can confidently capture images you are proud of. If you have a camera of your own, bring it and be prepared to use it, though we will have extra cameras to share.

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David: Here's a copy of the slides from this afternoon's presentation. Thanks to everyone for being so attentive during the session, and please don't hesitate to find me with any questions you might have : )