he GoodPlay Project: Exploring Ethics in a Brave New Digital World
Presenter: Jennifer Ryan, Researcher, Project Zero
In this hands-on session, we will engage in two activities designed to help students think critically and thoughtfully about the ethical issues surrounding credibility in online contexts. We consider credibility in the context of individuals with whom young people interact online and the ways in which youth establish their own credibility online.

In the GoodPlay project, a multi-year study funded by the MacArthur Foundation, we are exploring ethical issues surrounding youth’s digital media activities. During today’s workshop we will engage participants in two lessons inspired by our research with youth: Should You Be In MySpace and Demonstrating Credibility. As we consider issues of credibility—assessing others with whom young people interact online and establishing one's own credibility online— we hope to enhance participants' awareness of the ethical implications of youth's online activities and provide practitioners with tools they can use to foster ethical thinking and decision-making among their students.

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