Virtual Field Trip

Presenter: Thomas Cooper, Walker School (Georgia)

Contact Info (main - checked daily)
twitter: tcooper66
skype: tcooper1966 (Georgia)

Teachers should come with information to create a virtual field trip. Some examples would be a nature walk, a history or art tour of a city, or information about your local community. We will learn how to create basic placemarks, insert images, add paths, and create animated audio tour that students can download and review for a test or a project.

Before Session

Download latest version of Google Earth 5.2
Download Page for Earth -
Review the Book Mapping Document on the documents page of The Networked Learner (Networked Learner Documents)

Session Resources

The Networked Learner -
Google Lit Trips -

Screencasts - 5 mins each

Downloading and Installing Google Earth -
Using Navigation Tools in Google Earth -
Using Layers in Google Earth -
Adding Layers from Google Earth's Internet Community -
Adding Text to a Placemark -
Inserting an Image into a Placemark -
Organizing and Saving Placemarks to Your Computer -
Changing Placemark Icons in Google Earth -
Adding a Custom Icon to the Google Earth Icon Panel -
Adding a Path between Placemarks -

Google Resources

Earth Main -
Download Page for Earth -
Google Earth User Guide -
Google Earth for Educators -
Google Earth Community -
Google Earth Tutorials -
Grants for Google Earth Pro -
Keyhole Modeling Language (KML) Handbook -